Our Philosophy 

Service is a differentiator.  We aim to constantly provide a highly professional service & experience for our clients that is based on trust, transparency and integrity.  We aim to solve specific business problems by understanding client processes and offer our consultative & professional services entwined with our objective & pragmatic approach. 



We believe in collaboration with conviction & disciplined execution
that ultimately helps our clients to succeed.

About Us 

Born from supporting traders and delivering solutions to the institutional front office trading floor, FixFront is an astute, energetic, straightforward advisory & consultancy service that offers rational, pragmatic & collaborative electronic trading solutions paired with expert insight into the latest value adds solutions to the trade life-cycle.


FixFront offers our well rounded and systematic approach to our clients drawn from 20+years of industry experience within financial trading technology. This extensive proficiency also brings a large network of experience specialists allowing us to offer longer term solution that support our clients’ diverse asset-class coverage & trading methods.


We offer guidance and advisory within

  • Work flow & business analysis
  • Architect streamline trade flow solutions and full STP
  • FIX hub & connectivity strategy
  • Liquidity access needs
  • Infrastructure remodeling
  • Alternative Post Trade solutions
  • Best practice analysis on industry partners, outsourcing solutions & vendor selection



Whether you are a buy-side or sell side institutional business about to kick off an electronic trading initiative or about to enter a strategic business re-engineering process (BRP) & reassessment phase of your existing trading systems, FIX connectivity, liquidity access, infrastructure, operations and post trade cycle, FixFront can help by  increasing the knowledge and competitiveness for our clients, in a world of significant opportunity to reduce costs.